Tell UK political leaders to take hunger seriously

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Across the world, hunger is on the rise. Today, a staggering 735 million people globally are undernourished – an increase of 163 million in just seven years.   

This rise in world hunger is being driven by the devastation of conflict and climate change.  

At the same time, cuts to UK aid have reduced support when it is needed most. Women and girls are being particularly impacted, which is halting important steps towards equality.  

Focused action can reverse this situation. 

With a general election just around the corner, we’re calling on political leaders to: 

  • Increase international aid spending to tackle the scale of these challenges.  
  • Identify new sources of climate finance to halt the destruction of lives and livelihoods and build communities’ resilience.  
  • Be guided by the voices of the most impacted, promoting women’s empowerment alongside ambitious programmes for nutrition, health and education.  

At this critical time, make sure your voice is heard. Sign our petition today calling on UK leaders to take hunger seriously.  

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