No child should die of hunger

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Today we live in a world where over 150 million children are malnourished. This stops their bodies and brains from developing, puts them more at risk of disease and threatens their survival. Nearly half of all child deaths worldwide are linked to malnutrition

But when a child gets regular, nutritious food, it changes everything. It means they are more likely to grow healthy, do well at school and fulfil their potential. And as adults they are better able to lift their family – and their community – out of poverty.

Together, we can make this happen.

In 2020, world leaders will meet at a landmark nutrition summit in Tokyo. Decisions made at the summit could transform millions of lives. With the right investment and commitment at a global scale, we can ensure every family can feed their children. 

This is our big chance to get international action on hunger, and the UK can play a critical role. 

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